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Top 5 nodejs framework to use in 2020

Top 5 nodejs framework to use in 2020

In this article, we will see top 5 nodejs framework that you can use in your application development. Top 5 nodejs framework to use in 2020.

Mainly, frameworks mentioned in this article are based on popularity and community support of the framework.

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Above all, express is one of the popular nodejs frameworks in the community. it has around 5 million users.

Mainly, lots of companies are using expressjs in the production environment.

Meanwhile, If you want to learn nodejs express, check out this tutorial

Here is the sample code for reference.

const express = require("express");
const app = express();
app.get("/", function (req, res) {
  res.send("Hello World");


Koa is the next generation framework for nodejs. most importantly, it is created by the same people who created expressjs.

Mainly, purpose of creating koajs is to solve the callback hell by improving the error handling in nodejs.

Therefore, Koajs is the best options to develop a nodejs application in 2020.


Fastify is a modern and low over head nodejs framework. fastify is one of the fastest framework to handle the request and response.

it is fully extensible via its hooks and plugins. One of the core feature of fastify is, it can handle 76+ requests per second.


Nestjs is a progressive nodejs framework for building scalable server-side applications.

One of the best thing about Nestjs is, it supports TypeScript. As we know, TypeScript is popular nowadays and it has type check.

it combines the functional programming, object oriented programming to build applications.

Nestjs is a best option to go if you like the style angular application development.


After that, sailsjs is MVC based nodejs framework. it is one of popular MVC based framework in the nodejs application development.

That is to say, sails js provides wide range of data support and auto generated API’s along with migrations.

If you like the style of MVC pattern. you should definitely checkout sailsjs as it is popular among the nodejs community.

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To sum up, Framework saves lot of time on application development. it completely depends on the requirement and personal preferences.

In short, i would say learn expressjs first since it has lot of demand in the industry.

Meanwhile, once you get a good grasp of it, understand where the drawback is, then learn according to your preference.

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